Halfway there…..

March 7, 2008 at 4:11 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s hard to believe but I have officially reached the halfway marker in my student teaching.   This is a good thing because it means that I’m almost done.  However, it’s also a bad thing because, well, it means that I’m almost done.  Now don’t think for a second that I don’t want to graduate, get a job, and start doing the teaching thing full time for pay.  However, I’m getting to the point where I’m a little bit anxious.  Also, I thought I’d be more excited about getting out of the math class and moving on to teach English.  Instead I’m kind of wondering if I even want to teach English anymore.  I’ve had a great time with these kids, and I’m hoping that the experience is just as good with the 7th graders.  We’ll see.

I have figured out a couple of things.  First, it looks like we will almost certainly be staying in East Texas for at least one more year.  We don’t want to stay in the same apartment though, so we will be moving.  We haven’t found the place yet, but we’re looking.  This means thatwe need to decide what school district we want Caylie in, too.  Today I put in an application with Sabine ISD.  Currently there are no job openings in my age groups, but I also know that they haven’t passed out the contracts yet, so that could very likely change in the next few weeks. Plus there’s a job fair that will be happening in April at the college.  They just added about 15 schools to the list, so anything could happen.  I have an application ready for at least one other school that I’m going to be dropping off next week.

Now, all of this is in addition to the fact that I’m going to have to find a job to make it through the summer.  So starting in about mid-April, I’ll be looking for two jobs at the same damn time.  Woo-frickin-hoo.  It looks like the DODDS thing is definitely not going to happen for a while, at least another year.  I am kinda glad that it gives me a bit more time to work on my resume and build up some experience.  I haven’t decided yet what my next career milestone is going to be.  I know that I would like to seek out further certification, and probably go after my masters.  Once I hit my 3 year mark, I want to look into NBCT certification.  I’ve thought about trying to take classes in Spanish and see if I can either get certified as bilingual or ESL. 

Maybe it’s too early to start worrying about these things, or maybe it’s never too early.  I just don’t want it to be late.  For right now, I’m going to rest for a bit, and start thinking about the next few weeks.  PPR test results will probably arrive in a week or two, job fair April 9th, certification application will be sent in on Apr 21, and graduation is May 10th.  After that, only God knows.


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